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Track 1: Computer and Network Security


Optimized Multi-Layer Hierarchical Network Intrusion Detection System with Genetic Algorithms

Pranesh Santikellur, Tahreem Haque, Malek Al-Zewairi and Rajat Subhra Chakraborty


Leader Election and Blockchain Algorithm in Cloud Environment for E-Health

Basem Assiri


Automotive Cybersecurity: Foundations for Next-Generation Vehicles

Michele Scalas and Giorgio Giacinto


NTRU-Like Secure and Effective Congruential Public-Key Cryptosystem Using Big Numbers

Anas Ibrahim, Alexander Chefranov and Nagham Hamad


Review: Phishing Detection Approaches

Almaha Abu Zuraiq and Mouhammd Alkasassbeh


Detecting Slow Port Scan Using Fuzzy Rule Interpolation

Mohammad Almseidin, Mouhammd Al-Kasassbeh and Szilveszter Kovacs


An Approach for Web Applications Test Data Generation Based on Analyzing Client-Side User Input Fields

Samer Hanna and Hayat Jaber


Achieving Data Integrity and Confidentiality Using Image Steganography and Hashing Techniques

Ahmad Hambouz, Yousef Shaheen, Abdelrahman Manna, Mustafa Al Fayoumi and Sara Tedmori


Detecting network anomalies using machine learning and SNMP-MIB dataset with IP group

Abdelrahman Manna and Mouhammd Alkasassbeh


Enhancing Data Protection Provided by VPN Connections over Open WiFi Networks

Ashraf Karaymeh, Mohammad Ababneh, Malik Qasaimeh and Mustafa Al-Fayoumi


A Proactive Design to Detect Denial of Service Attacks Using SNMP-MIB ICMP Variables

Yousef Shaheen and Mohammad Alkasassbeh


An Energy Aware Fuzzy Trust based Clustering with group key Management in MANET Multicasting

Gomathi Krishnasamy


Framework for Blockchain Deployment: The Case of Educational Systems

Saif Kazakzeh, Eyad Ayoubi, Baraa Muslmani, Malik Qasaimeh and Mustafa Al-Fayoumi



Track 2: Virtual and Electronic Learning


The JOVITAL Project: Capacity Building for Virtual Innovative Teaching and Learning in Jordan

Katherine Wimpenny, Arinola Adefila and Alun DeWinter


The relation between Individual Student Behaviours in Video Presentation and their Modalities using VARK and PAEI Results

Ahmed Fekry, Georgios Dafoulas and Manal Ismail


An overview of Digital Forensics Education

Georgios Dafoulas, David Nelison and Sukhvinder Hara


Enhancing International Virtual Collaborative Learning with Social Learning Analytics

Alexander Clauss, Florian Lenk and Eric Schoop


Evaluation of Students' Acceptance of the Leap Motion Hand Gesture Application in Teaching Biochemistry

Nazlena Mohamad Ali and Mohd Shukuri Mohamad Ali


Designing and Implementing an e-Course Using Adobe Captivate and Google Classroom: A Case Study

Shahd Alia and Thair Hamtini


The importance of institutional support in maintaining academic rigor in e-learning assessment

Darin El-Nakla, Beverley McNally and Samir El-Nakla


Deep Learning Assisted Smart Glasses as Educational Aid for Visually Challenged Students

Hawra Alsaid, Lina Alkhatib, Aqeela Aloraidh, Shoaa Alhaidar and Abul Bashar



Track 3: Data Science and Big Data


DeepDR: An image guided diabetic retinopathy detection technique using attention-based deep learning scheme

Rubina Naaz, Umair Saeed, Jaweria Tanveer, Noman Islam, Kamlesh Kumar and Aftab Ahmed


Mitigating the Effect of Data Sparsity: A Case Study on Collaborative Filtering Recommender System

Bushra Alhijawi, Ghazi Al-Naymat, Nadim Obeid and Arafat Awajan


Visualizing Program Quality – A Topological Taxonomy of Features

Islam Al Omari, Razan Al Omoush, Haneen Innab and Ammar Elhassan


Improved Swarm Intelligence Optimization using Crossover and Mutation for Medical Classification

Mais Yasen and Nailah Al-Madi


Novel Approach towards Arabic Question Similarity Detection

Mohammad Daoud


Using K-Means Clustering and Data Visualization for Monetizing logistics Data

Hamzah Qabbaah, George Sammour and Koen Vanhoof


Content Based Image Retrieval Approach using Deep Learning

Heba Abdelnabi, Ghazi Al-Naymat and Arafat Awajan


Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Framework for Stock Market Trading

Batool Alarmouty and Salam Fraihat.



Track 4: Internet of Things


Reducing Ambulances Arrival Time to Patients

Mohammed Eshtayah, Jalal Morrar, Ameer Baghdadi and Amjad Hawash


Framework Architecture for Securing IoT Using Blockchain, Smart Contract and Software Defined Network Technologies

Hasan Al-Sakran, Yaser Alharbi and Irina Serguievskaia


Security issues in Wireless Sensor Network Broadcast Authentication

Asad Raza, Ali Abu Romman and Muhammad Qureshi


Towards an Integration Concept of Smart Cities

Naoum Jamous and Stefan Willi Hart


Compression Techniques Used in IoT: A Comparative Study

Salam Hamdan, Arafat Awajan and Sufyan Almajali



Track 5: Natural Language Processing


Using Part of Speech Tagging for Improving Word2vec Model

Dima Suleiman and Arafat Awajan


Applying Ontology in Computational Creativity Approach for Generating a Story

Lana Issa and Shaidah Jusoh


Arabic Document Indexing for Improved Text Retrieval

Yaser Al-Lahham


Evaluation of Question Classification

Maryam Biltawi, Arafat Awajan and Sara Tedmori


Arabic Text Classification of News Articles Using Classical Supervised Classifiers

Leen Al Qadi, Hozayfa El Rifai, Safa Obaid and Ashraf Elnagar


Graph-Based Arabic Key-phrases Extraction

Dana Halabi and Arafat Awajan


Arabic Text Keywords Extraction using Word2vec

Dima Suleiman, Arafat Awajan and Wael Etaiwi


A Deep Learning Approach for Arabic Text Classification

Katrina Sundus, Fatima Al-Haj and Bassam Hammo


Arabic Text Semantic Graph Representation

Wael Etaiwi and Arafat Awajan


Sentiment Analysis for Arabic Language using Attention-Based Simple Recurrent Unit           

Saja Al-Dabet and Sara Tedmori.




Track 6: Intelligent Systems


A novel medical image fusion algorithm for detail-preserving edge and feature extraction

Fayadh Alenezi


Classification of Short-time Single-lead ECG Recordings Using Deep Residual CNN

Areej Khursheed, Haikel Alhichri, Ridha Ouni and Yacoub Bazi


Identification and Tagging of Malicious Vehicles through License Plate Recognition

Ahmad Mostafa, Walid Hussein and M. Samir Abou El-Seoud


Cascaded Layered Recurrent Neural Network for Indoor Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Hamza Turabieh and Alaa Sheta


Learning with Dynamic Architectures for Artificial Neural Networks - Adaptive Batch Size Approach

Reham Saeed, Rawan Ghenmat, Ilyes Jenhani and Ammar Elhassan


Hybrid Machine Learning Classifiers to Predict Student Performance

Hamza Turabieh


Automated Grading for Handwritten Answer Sheets using Convolutional Neural Networks

Eman Shaikh, Iman Mohiuddin, Ayisha Manzoor, Ghazanfar Latif and Nazeeruddin Mohammad


Wrapper-based Feature Selection for Imbalanced Data using Binary Queuing Search Algorithm

Thaer Thaher, Majdi Mafarja, Baker Abdalhaq and Hamouda Chantar


Self-Organizing Maps for Agile Requirements Prioritization

Amjad Hudaib and Fatima Alhaj


A Parallel Face Detection Method Using Genetic & CRO Algorithms on Multi-core Platform

Mohammad Khanafsa, Ola Surakhi and Sami Sarhan


Heart Disease Detection Using Machine Learning Majority Voting Ensemble Method

Rahma Atallah and Amjed Al-Mousa


Resolving Conflict of Interests in Recommending Reviewers for Academic Publications Using Link Prediction Techniques

Sa'Ad Al-Zboon, Saja Tawalbeh, Heba Al-Jarrah, Muntaha Al-Asa'D, Mahmoud Hammadand Mohammad Al-Smadi


Reconstructing Colored Strip-Shredded Documents based on the Hungarians Algorithm

Fatima Alhaj, Ahmad Sharieh and Azzam Sleit


Implementation and Comparative Analysis of Semi-automated surveillance algorithms in real time using Fast-NCC

Omer Khan, Nayab Saeed, Raheel Muzzammel, Umair Tahir and Omar Azeem


Adaptive Control of Nonaffine Nonlinear Systems by Neural State Feedback

Mohamed Bahita and Khaled Belarbi



Track 7: Miscellaneous


Would it be Profitable Enough to Re-adapt Algorithmic Thinking for Parallelism Paradigm

Aimad Eddine Debbi, Abdelhak Farhat Hamida and Haddi Bakhti


Affordable and Portable Realtime Saudi License Plate Recognition using SoC

Loay Alzubaidi, Ghazanfar Latif and Jaafar Alghazo


Two Information Systems in Air Transport It is a Short Journey from Success to Failure

Victor Lane, Derar Eleyan and Jim Snaith


Task Scheduling based on Modified Grey Wolf Optimizer in Cloud Computing Environment

Abdullah Alzaqebah, Rizik Al-Sayyed and Raja Masadeh


Causal Path Planning Graph Based on Semantic Pre-link Computation for Web Service Composition

Moses Olaifa and Tranos Zuva


Accelerating Stochastic Gradient Descent using Adaptive Mini-Batch Size

Muayyad Alsadi, Rawan Ghnemat and Arafat Awajan.