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Rand Hashem

Managing Director
Pio-Tech Solutions

Rand Hashem

Bio: Mr. Hashem has a diverse scale of experiences working in the progressive fields of industrial data processing and analysis, as well as process automation and control in regional industrial contracting companies. Having gained a deep understanding of the markets in high-tech industries, Mr. Hashem became a partner and co-founder of Pio-Tech in 2003, and then moved forth as Managing Director. Since then, he has helped shape and drive the company’s vision and strategy, managing the company’s teams to provide competitive solutions and services to valued customers across the Middle East and Africa.
Mr. Hashem graduated from Yarmouk University, majoring in Physics and Computer Science.

Topic: Customer power is shaping the future of banking
 At this   digital age where people are almost living on their mobile devices performing essential activities on the go, the old banking model of forcing their own version of products and services on the customer can’t work anymore. Bank need to focus on what customers need not what they want to sell the customer. The customer is becoming a moving target at a decision journey and the bank need to meet the customer at each milestone of this journey. At this session I will discuss how the bank of future can employ technologies such as Analytics, Machine Learning and Robotics to deliver what the customer needs, anywhere anytime.

About Pio-Tech: Pio-Tech is a System Integrator and Business Solutions' Provider that has become, since conception in 2003, an innovation hub that advocates digitization and futurism across the Middle East and Africa Regions.